Is Pain And Suffering Awarded After Minor Car Accidents?

Lawyers in Collingwood pursue lawsuits after car accidents all the time but for some, they believe pain and suffering should be added to the bill. It can often be difficult to know what a legitimate case for pain and suffering is and what is not because sometimes you feel aggrieved so much so that you believe you’re entitled to something. However, not everyone will see it your way. So, is pain and suffering awarded after a minor car accident?

How Minor Were The Injuries?

Have you sustained a lot of injuries or as a result of the accident, had to spend time off work and being laid up in bed? If that’s the case then pain and suffering might be rewarded however for minor or no injuries it’s unlikely any damages for pain and suffering will be awarded. People can often believe a minor car accident should result in thousands of dollars worth of compensation but not always. That’s a big misconception and one that is causing a lot of concern to say the least. Collingwood lawyers may love the idea of pain and suffering but it’s not always awarded.

How Minor Was the Damages?

Let’s be honest if two people were involved in a minor car accident where no one were injured or hurt it’s unlikely pain and suffering will be awarded. Most damages awarded will be to cover any costs for car repairs. A lot of people think all car accidents should result in lawsuits and that also means a big payout in terms of pain and suffering. However that really isn’t always the case. It’s sometimes a rare thing to see pain and suffering being awarded in minor car accidents. Why? Well, it’s because of lacks of true injuries and such. Lawyers in Collingwood explain that all the time to clients who believe they are entitled to a big pay out.

Final Payouts and Monies Awarded Can Vary Depending On the Exact Circumstances

We have all seen TV civil courtroom battles and more often than not, they involve car accidents and most of them have been major. However, there have been times when claimants have been awarded pain and suffering and others who have not been as successful but why are there two outcomes? Well, it not only depends on the judge who proceeds the case (as they have to judge in their honest opinion and through the eyes of the law) but also the exact circumstances. While the car accident might have been a minor one but if the victim has sustained prolonged injuries or suffering through it then damages might be awarded. Collingwood lawyers are probably the best people to speak to in these cases.

Get Clarity

While it would be easy to say no one will be awarded pain and suffering after a minor road or car accident, it’s not always true. It really comes down to your specific damages and the actual manner of the accident. People really don’t think or know that and believe they are entitled to something more when they aren’t. You need to get some clarity over the matter so that you can successfully sue the guilty party. Lawyers in Collingwood can help you pursue a claim.

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Eleanor Pimental